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As part of their Physics Honours project and as a useful experience for the future, all students are to prepare, in no more than two or three pages, a research proposal describing their project, as if to a potential sponsor. This should be done initially as a draft on your own, and then discussed with your supervisor(s) before submission to the Honours Coordinator.

Retain a copy of your proposal for later incorporation into your project report.

Set out the proposal using the following headings, and be brief.

  1. Title— Provide a title for the study. (If more than six words, also provide a short title.)
  2. Keywords—List some (up to 5) to describe the subject area.
  3. Supervisor(s)
  4. Research Plan
    1. Aims: What are the specific aims of the project — the problem(s) it hopes to solve or particular question(s) it will answer?
    2. Significance: Why is the research worth doing and to what will it contribute?
    3. Methods: Describe the methods to be used.
    4. Status:
      • Have closely similar projects been undertaken (here or elsewhere) before?
      • How does the project relate to other research in this department? Is it part of a research group's enquiry?
      • Describe the current status of the project (see also 8 below).
    5. Problems: Mention any unusual difficulty foreseen or unusual sources of delay.
  5. Benefits—Summarize, in no more than seven lines, that a non-scientist can understand, the expected benefits resulting from success with the project.
  6. Publications—Identify some leading research workers or writers in the field, particularly some whose published work you have had occasion to study. Give one or two basic references.
  7. Costs— Estimate approximately the financial and manpower (other than your own) costs of the project — do not include equipment etc. already available.
  8. Previous Work— Those who worked on the same or a closely related project during the summer are to note this fact under 4.4 above and are to submit a separate report (one or two pages) on progress up to mid February.
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